Why Ballroom Dance?

Ballroom Dancing: The Ideal Exercise

Exercising by jogging (outdoors or on treadmill) is an unattractive alternative for many people. Ballroom dancing is a mild form of aerobic workout and dance lessons make exercise a fun and enjoyable social event any night of the week. Your dance “workout” is beneficial in many ways:

Dance is considered to be one of the top 5 physical activities, out of 60 studied. 

  1. Olympic athletes often include dance in their training to sharpen control, agility, speed and balance.
  2. Dance contributes to good posture and body alignment
  3. Ballroom Dancing contributes to increased personal confidence
  4. Ballroom Dancing benefits your cardiovascular system.
  5. Ballroom Dancing increases your flexibility and stamina
  6. Ballroom Dancing encourages gentle stretching
  7. Improve your health
  8. Improve mental alertness

Dancing: A Romantic Alternative

The romantic properties of dance are a secret that all good dancers enjoy:

  1. Men feel confident when they recognize which dance is being played and have the ability to walk across the dance floor and ask a lady to dance.
  2. Women will enjoy being asked to dance knowing they have mastered the grace, poise, styling and important following skills of a trained dancer.